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How much does a policy cost?

Your premium will depend upon how much insurance coverage you need, your age, and if you are a smoker or non-smoker.

To download a Rate Sheet for adults, click here.

Premiums for your policy are collected through a convenient payroll deduction system, so you don’t have to write and mail monthly checks for your premium.

How is interest calculated on the fund value of the policy?

The interest credited to the fund value of your plan is guaranteed never to fall below 4.5% and Allstate Workplace Division makes a quarterly declaration of current interest rates which could be higher. If any portion of your fund value is used for securing a loan, the 4.5% guaranteed interest rate is credited to the secured portion of the fund value. You will receive an annual report to help you keep track of the current fund value of your policy. The annual report also itemizes premium payments credited and expense charges.

Can I make extra premium payments to increase the fund value of my plan?

Yes. Adding to Regular Premium payments without increasing the face amount are excellent ways to increase fund value, provided you don’t exceed premium limits set by IRS regulation. The increased fund value from your added premiums will also earn tax-deferred interest.

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