Cash Value

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Cash Value

How can I find out the cash value of my Policy?

You will receive an annual report which summarizes your life insurance plan in detail. It includes premiums paid, interest credited and fund value accumulation, expenses, and insurance costs and the current cash surrender value. Should you borrow against your cash value or make a partial withdrawal, it will be reflected in your annual report.

Can I borrow against the fund value of my policy?

Yes. As long as your policy has earned sufficient cash value, you may borrow from it for any reason. The policy pays you at least the minimum guaranteed interest rate of 4.0% on the cash value you borrow.

You can borrow against your cash value at the current loan rate of interest. You may also make a partial withdrawal without surrendering your life insurance plan, which reduces your face amount. Partial withdrawals are subject to a minimal processing charge for each withdrawal. If you choose to surrender your plan, you may withdraw the full cash value.

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